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Rule of thumb on how much compost to apply to your garden:

1" tilled in to maintain fertility from year to year. This assumes soil which produced a good crop the previous year.

2" tilled in to revitalize a poor garden. For when last year's garden soil lacked "kick".

3" tilled in when you are starting with very depleted soil.

How to figure the volume of compost to order for your garden:

If your garden has an area of: (square feet) ...then order this many cubic yards to till in for the following depths:
  1 inch   2 inches 3 inches


0.3 0.6 0.9


0.6 1.2 1.8


0.9 1.8 2.7


1.5 3.0 4.5


3.0 6.0 9.0

Soil testing is available:
Our new lab of choice has become Logan Labs in Lakeview, Ohio.  Logan's soil tests give a better picture of soil nutrient values for organic farmers and gardeners than conventional tests, and their tests are more complete.  Reasonably priced as well! 

Call to ask about our evolving soil testing program.  We will send your sample to Logan, get the results back and make a list for your garden of what you need to add in the way of minerals to push your soil toward the optimum balance of minerals.  In most cases, amending with compost alone is not sufficient if you want your plants to grow to their full genetic potential. Our soil testing program can help head your soil in the right direction. 

Call or email us for more details.

Terms: Cash on delivery unless arranged otherwise before delivery.

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